Stardos - free vintage stencil military TrueType font. Ideal for old vehicles or t-shirts printing

Published: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 by Rad

Stardos - free vintage stencil military TrueType font. Ideal for old vehicles or t-shirts printing.

Stencil TTF header

Stardos font was released do public domain in February 2013. It was deigned by Vernon Adams. It is clean vintage stencil, Serif TrueType font which you can use freely for both personal and commercial use. Perfect for t-shirts, logos, vehicle banners, etc. Enjoy!

In the pack you will find two TrueType fonts (normal and bold) files and SIL open font license text. Courtesy of Vernon Adams.

You are allowed to use the font for every kind of publication (electronic, print, mobile development) and it doesn't matter if it's commercial or not. You can copy and give it away to your friends as long as the license is bundled.

Note: This font was published on site as 100% free for commercial use. There is a license available for this fonts on various websites, e.g. SIL open font license.

Key features

  • clean, design - Oldstyle Latin serifs
  • ideal for longer paragraphs, high contrast
  • will shine in newspapers or magazine publishing, suitable for long pages
  • retro charm suitable for print, t-shirts, logos, articles
  • 100% free - license attached and online - SIL open font license
  • TTF included
  • 307 glyphs included
  • not monospaced
  • supports Unicode 2.0

License - 100% free for commercial usage

  • for personal & commercial usage
  • citation and credit not required, but welcomed
  • can not be sold itself

Is this template / icons free for any kind (commercial) of use?

Please note: Yes, font is 100% free and there is no hidden charge. However, it is nice to give credit where credit is due. A big thank to Vernon Adams - Font Designer from UK at the moment working mostly producing opensource fonts for the Google Font Directory. See on Google+.


Stencil font was originally published here: Original resource url: Stencil - free stencil TrueType font

Or you can download Stencil font directly from our site: OTF Local resources: Stencil - free stencil TrueType font


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