Prociono free OpenType font for stand out headers

Published: Wed, 13 May 2015 by Rad

Free clean, clear and simple serif Prociono OpenType font. Well suited for creative business or for digital content and articles. Will make your headers stand out and clear to read.
Prociono serif font
Pociono by Barry Schwartz

Clear and easy on eye, very pleasing OpenType font. Font is a roman serif with blackletter elements.

It was released to public domain by Barry Schwartz

Font is ideal for print and digital media alike. We recommend to use it for eye catching headers on your website.

Font is also available as Google font, so it can be embedded in your web site project easily from Google Fonts project. If open domain is not permitted or usable in your country, font is also licensed under SIL Open Font License, which permits usage of font for personal and commercial projects.

The name Prociono is from Esperanto and means either the star Procyon or the animal species known as the raccoon.

You are allowed to use the Prociono OpenType typecase for every kind of project (print, mock up, digital) and it doesn't matter if it's commercial or not. You can copy and give it away to your friends as long as the license is bundled.

Note: This font was published on site as 100% free for both personal and commercial use. There is a readme file attached.

Key features

  • clean, clear simple font
  • roman serif with blackletter elements
  • nice for eye catching, superb clear headers
  • suitable for direct print, digital content
  • 100% free - no strings attached, for personal and commercial purposes

License - 100% free for commercial usage

  • for personal & commercial usage
  • citation and credit not required, but welcomed
  • dual licensing - in public domain or under SIL OpenFont License

Is this font free for any kind (commercial) of use?

Please note: Yes, typeface is 100% free and there is no hidden charge. However, it is nice to give credit where credit is due. A big thank to Barry Schwartz - a computer programming guy from US. See his profile on Google+.


OpenType free font Prociono was originally published here: Original resource url: Prociono OTF

Or if you have trouble with above link, you can download free serif font Procion directly from our site: Local resource url: Prociono OTF local copy


Prociono header and paragraph preview

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