Slugify string, create URL slug

Type in the string you want slugify. 'URL slugs' are the exact address of a specific website. The URL slugs that you use in your webpage will appear in the SERPs. This is very important for site optimization process.

A clean URL is also less intimidating to a human user. They can look at it and get an idea what the page is about. Clean URLs are also more sharable. Being short and meaningful, they are more pleasing to the eye and more likely to be shared.

How to use:

Type or paste your string in the text box above and click the "Get me some slug" button, or simply press ENTER. The human readable string will appear below input box.

How it is done:

How it works:

  • Converts all to lowercase letters
  • Converts (transliterate) all the letters that can not be used in a URL; e.g. ú becomes u, or ý becomes y
  • The empty spaces are converted to the separator "-"
  • The characters that can not be converted are removed