Docker, AWS working together to better integrate #Docker with Amazon ECS

Published: Thu, 09 Jul 2020 by Rad

Docker and AWS today announced a new collaboration that introduces a deep integration between Docker’s Compose and Desktop developer tools and AWS’s Elastic Container Service (ECS) and ECS on AWS Fargate. Previously, the two companies note, the workflow to take Compose files and run them on ECS was often challenging for developers. Now, the two companies simplified this process to make switching between running containers locally and on ECS far easier.

Currently, a local Docker Compose file running on Amazon ECS has to be shifted manually because the constructs in Amazon ECS were not part of the Docker Compose specification. Under the collaboration, Docker Inc. and AWS are working to build a simplified workflow that allows developers to quickly and easily switch from running containers in a local Docker Desktop environment to Amazon ECS, says Graham.

Docker Inc. in May announced tighter integration between Docker Desktop and Visual Studio (VS) Code developer tools from Microsoft and the container service Microsoft makes available on Azure. That integration is enabled in part by the Docker Compose specification.

"With a large number of containers being built using Docker, we're very excited to work with Docker to simplify the developer's experience of building and deploying containerized applications to AWS,"

Deepak Singh, the VP for compute services at AWS

Deeper ties between the two companies follows a decision Docker Inc. made earlier this year to make the Docker Compose specification available as an open source project on GitHub. Docker Inc. at that time disclosed it was working with AWS, Microsoft and others to extend the Compose Specification to better support cloud-native platforms such as Kubernetes and Amazon ECS.

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