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Being VP Of Engineering Is Harder Than Being CEO https://t.co/o43rK245Dw #tech #CEO #softwareengineering

Published: 11 minutes ago

RT @AmieDevero Stop choosing mentors who haven't had failures. Survivorship bias is ubiquitous, and it's a problem.… https://t.co/M9EMD4lWw4

Published: 16 minutes ago

RT @RiseUp4Climate Japan will become carbon neutral by 2050, PM pledges - https://t.co/ddoOf9mos2 #globalwarming… https://t.co/GQ4UPBFBea

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RT @abhishektiwari Scaling, rearchitecting, and decomposing Confluence Cloud https://t.co/gapHRF1lq7 #scalability #Dev #DevOps

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RT @FugueHQ Pre-deployment Policy Checks for Terraform using Open Policy Agent and Regula


Published: 7 hours ago

RT @BHASKARAREDDYS Better together: Using Oracle Intelligent Advisor - OPA with Machine Learning | Oracle Policy Au… https://t.co/6xMnwRKCAK

Published: 8 hours ago

RT @Guardsquare Security doesn’t have to slow development teams down. If done early enough, app hardening can preve… https://t.co/AZmpx5y1ba

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RT @kiyanwang Dockerfile #Security Best Practices

Compiled a list of common security issues and how to avoid them.… https://t.co/zqXTPdouG7

Published: 8 hours ago

RT @paolopanvini Map and Reduce with Python | Panduz Blog https://t.co/kGBEGiVZGS #python #mapreduce #data #bigdata

Published: 13 hours ago

RT @evandro_dba The search for the Holy Grail is over! @recursivecodes and @IaaSgeek talk with the creator of the… https://t.co/zR9UTTgTeQ

Published: 15 hours ago

RT @jvm_mx Quarkus 1.9 released - Micrometer extension maturing, multiple Redis clients, Quarkiverse… https://t.co/12k5LqKWAb

Published: 15 hours ago

RT @selfteachme Tailwind CSS tutorial: learn how to build websites using a utility-first CSS framework - Themesberg… https://t.co/yHHsQw3spi

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RT @Web_Dv123 Building a secure feature-complete chat app with React & Firebase in 7 minutes


Published: 1 day ago

Free Tailwind CSS Themes and Templates - DEV https://t.co/AbyYH7ZGGX #webdev #dev #tech #css #frontend

Published: 1 day ago

Messaging Connectivity in Hybrid Kubernetes Cloud Environments https://t.co/yJ9cZUhiNK #DevOps #kubernetes #k8s

Published: 1 day ago

New AWS Services Optimize Application Development Process https://t.co/TUyCuVV2nB #aws #devops #microservices

Published: 1 day ago

RT @RttCraig The future of telemedicine visits after COVID-19: perceptions of primary care pediatricians… https://t.co/BfygyypKeQ

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RT @collabnix Zero down time deployment with #Kubernetes, #Flyway and #springboot by @nicolas_frankel @osconfevent… https://t.co/msC5hX8882

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RT @jvm_mx Refactoring tool to automatically apply best practices in Java / Spring-Boot applications.… https://t.co/PlUSSGkuTL

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RT @55Sun5 Dutch startup Avy completes successful test flight of solar-powered drone https://t.co/QZkYjlUyIhhttps://t.co/s2axNFQwoA

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